• Grace Mosher

God’s Creation

There is something so amazing and awe inspiring being surrounded by mountains. How big and perfect is our God, and how small and finite are we as human beings. And yet somehow that thought brings me comfort. To physically see how little I am in this world, but yet how big God is and how amazing are His plans.

It is easy for me to get lost in the mundane and feel stuck. Or to get lost in the problems and challenges that naturally arise out of our finite human lives. But to see the magnitude of God’s love through His creation reminds me how little I really can do on my own. And just how much I need the strength and guidance from the Holy Spirit. I am reminded that my life is merely meant to be a vessel. A vessel for Christ to move through so others might see Him.

He is in control. And that brings me comfort and joy.

Adjusting to life here in Bolivia has been just that, an adjustment. A time of feeling out of control, but in a way that has helped me to realize just how little I can do without Him.

And on the other hand, how loving is He to give us a physical representation of His love and companionship through friendship. He knew that the peaceful and gentle heart of Ann and caring and energetic personality of Olivia would be just the balance I needed to keep following God’s plan here in Bolivia. (Ann and Olivia are my site partners here) Everyday there are moments while I am watching Ann or Olivia interact with the girls and I can physically see Christ through them. How amazing is it to watch Christ work through others. Through His creation. Oh how I wish I could capture these moments and keep them forever.

Lord let us see you move in the moments when we feel you are far. Let us glory in your beauty, your creation, forever.

A couple of weekends ago we hiked up Tunari, a mountain peak here in Cochabamba. At the summit it is around 16,000ft above sea level, double the altitude in Cochabamba. Our lungs were definitely happy when we got back down! Oh and we had a little dog that hiked the whole way with us!

Working on homework and watching their online classes.

Being silly with my girls! They are always ready to pose for a picture

Always ready for a picture!

Meet our pets: Dorris the turtle, Azul (the bird who has a new name everyday), and our new sheep Juana.

Using our imaginations to cook in the garden.

Sitting at coffee shops is how we spend most of our Saturdays!

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