The Heart of Mary

"But Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart." -Luke 2:19

How amazing is the heart of Mary! The pure, gentle, Just and caring heart of Our Mother. To know that she willingly watched her son suffer for the sake of all of us.

For me and for you.

I have been reflecting a lot the past couple of weeks about the heart of a mother, especially the heart of Mary. How intricate and selfless is the heart of a mother.

I feel as though I have been given a special gift to understand a little bit more about the heart of Mary and the heart of a mother. Even though I have only been here in Bolivia for

two months I care deeply for these girls.

Through my experience with the girls, God has revealed a little bit more about the heart of His mother and of all mothers. The first being that Mary desires to comfort her children

and hurts when they hurt. Last week I took a few of the girls to the dentist, one of whom needed to get a tooth pulled. I was called back to the room to comfort this girl because she

was crying and trying to push the dentist's hands away. As I was holding her hands down and telling her it was going to be okay she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "mommy I'm in pain". Every part of my wanted to pick her up and take her away, or cry myself, but she was watching. I kept thinking of Mary and how she watched her son suffer during His passion. Oh how every part of her must have wanted to carry her baby away, to console him.

Mary comforts the distraught with her peaceful presence and understands the heart of every person. This week I found myself comforting one of the older girls as she cried. I saw her fear, her pain, and desired to take it away from her. Instead I sat next to her as she cried, assured her I was there for her and silently prayed Mary would comfort her. I couldn't

help but wonder how Mary felt after the crucifixtion, when she was with the apostles. I can't help but think she was breaking in half, but at the same time her mothers heart desired

to comfort her other children with her peaceful presence.

Lastly, she see's her son, Jesus, in everyone of her children, she sees the good in all. There are many moments where I have been gifted to witness a momment where I am able to recgonize Jesus in the girls. Even those who test my patience like no other, or the teenagers who put up a facade.

Mary help me to be a reflection of your peace, patience and love.

For All Saint's day the girls dressed up as a saint and recited the history of their saint.

After the girls recited the facts about their saints, we had a mini trick or treat with them around the Hogar. They loved it!

They love to pose!

Some of them got to go into classes this week

after 2 years of no in person classes, and they

were very excited!

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